Katie MacAlister (katiemacalister) wrote,
Katie MacAlister

GNT and Win an ARC

Happy Good News Tuesday! My good news for the week is that Me and My Shadow is making the usual bestseller lists already, which means I owe you all lots and lots of thanks for being so good as to trot out and pick up the book. Mwahs to everyone!

My other good news is that the new vampire/intro to new series book (aka Ben and Fran grow up) is going really well, probably because the Viking ghosts marched in and took over a scene that I had intended go in an entirely different direction. Ah well, when it comes to Vikings, I've found it's best to let them have their way.

I have a task for all of you. I have a handful of Steamed ARCs to give away--just a handful, because some of them are already spoken for by the winners of the big Steampunk contest I ran earlier this year--but my brain is busy doing things like writing a new book, and it refuses to lend itself to thoughts of a new contest.

So here's your chance to suggest a contest that will give away ARCs. I will pick a couple of the most viable ideas and offer them up for vote by readers, with the winner getting an ARC...so yes, it's really a contest of a contest. Confusing, eh? Just remember that the most successful contests are those that allow everyone to enter, so requiring someone to write a sonnet to the glory that is Steampunk probably isn't going to float people's boats.

To submit a contest idea, simply send me a private message or e-mail (katie@katiemacalister.com) with:
  • your name
  • your e-mail addy
  • your contest idea

The contest idea doesn't have to deal with steampunk, although people might like that since it's new and different. You've got until the end of the week to come up with a brilliant idea, bwahahah.

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