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Katie MacAlister
Fiction With Attitude
Woots for Friday! 
4th-Apr-2014 07:51 am
Happy Friday, my cherubs of charity...challenge...ch...ch... happy Friday my dumplings of deliciousness!

I bring you news. First of all, Jessie over HEA blog did a Throwback Thursday, and invited me to participate. You can read about all the fun memories of books past at http://www.usatoday.com/story/happyeverafter/2014/04/03/throwback-thursday-80s-romance-macalister-lane-garcia-staab-michaels/7268999/

Also, the re-read of Fire Me Up and Blow Me Down (I can't help but giggle at the two titles together) will soon be taking place on the Katie Mac Official Discussion Group, as well as the first ever Blow Me Down Puzzle Pirates Readers Romp. Deets can be had over on the group (link for those of you who haven't seen it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/359678384170905/)

And finally, those of you who participated in the last contest will be happy to know that Assistant Sister has sent out the final batch of Assorted Katie Swag to winners. The next contest will be coming up next week, so stay tuned to both this page and the Discussion Group (we'll run separate contests for both pages).

I plan on being crafty, crafty, crafty this weekend with my attempt to make not only an Edwardian apron, but an Edwardian walking skirt. I do love me some historical clothing, and it just seems like I need both garments stat. What are you up to this weekend, and will it involve historical clothing of any form?
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