Katie MacAlister (katiemacalister) wrote,
Katie MacAlister

Leo and You Contest!

leo coverThe fourth book in the Noble historical series is out on Tuesday, August 5th, and in celebration of my return to the world of historicals (and a dishy hero, because one cannot celebrate them enough), I've decided to fire up a contest for my favorite readers.

Yes, that means you. Didn't know you were my favorite? Well, you are, and because of that, I want to see you with Leo! If not the man himself, then the book will do. :)


WHAT: Send a picture of yourself with a copy of The Truth About Leo to contests@katiemacalister.com - If you are shy about sending a pic of you holding the book (or e-reader showing the cover of the book), you can use your dog/cat/child/cardboard cut-out of Legolas/just your hand/whatever else rings your chimes to hold the book. But it does have to be a picture, and it does have to be sent with your entry, because I'm crazed from moving and pictures amuse me to no end. Yes, this is a selfish contest.

HOW: Attach your picture via an e-mail, or plop it online somewhere and send me a link. Also in the e-mail include your name and mailing address.

BONUS POINTS? You betcha! I want word of Leo to get out, and what better way than to have you post online the spiffy picture you take of yourself with the book. If you post the picture on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/Name Your Social Media, and include a link to the post in a separate e-mail, it'll give you another shot at winning a prize. Hoobah!

PRIZES: There will be one Grand Prize winner of a $50 Amazon gift card, and nine winners who will receive a signed book, or audiobook, or Katie-made spiral notebook, or (also Katie-made) beaded book thong, or miscellaneous swag assortment, as picked by Assistant Sister.

DEADLINE: You must send your picture of Leo and you in by midnight (Pacific time) Friday, August 22nd. All winners will be randomly drawn from the pool of entries. And yes, the contest is open to international favorite readers, although I'm not sure if Amazon will honor the gift card in other countries.

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