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Katie MacAlister

Fiction With Attitude

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Award winning, New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister writes romance, mystery, and non-fiction books. With a passion for mystery, a fascination with alpha males, and a deep love of history, Katie figured she was a natural to write fiction. An eclectic reading taste covering everything from her beloved blue tweed Nancy Drews to two-hundred year old etiquette books have given her a taste for the absurd, eccentric, and downright wacky. Katie has worked as a bird skeleton cleaner, a wave machine solderer, a Fortran programmer, and a sales assistant for Harrods. She lives with her husband and dogs, and spends far too much time dallying around the Internet doing what she laughingly calls research for her next novel. Katie also writes for the young adult market as Katie Maxwell.

You can write to Katie at katie@katiemacalister.com

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